First of all: On behalf of all our members the committee wishes to thank all our brilliant group leaders for their continued hard work! They do a fantastic job and our U3A could not function without them. 

A reminder: When the groups began it was agreed amongst the membership that a small contribution of 50 pence per member would be made at each meeting to the host of the group towards the cost of refreshments. Please check with your group to establish the current arrangement.

The extra-curricular talks have continued to be popular and will remain a part of our programme. They will follow a similar format and take place on an ad hoc basis. The subjects will vary – new ideas are always appreciated. Details of these extra events will be publicised by email and at the monthly meetings; posters will also be displayed.

We are always keen to start new groups!  If you would like to explore a particular interest in an as yet a non-existent group - let’s hear about it. Contact Jennifer Banks the Group Coordinator who will try her best to facilitate setting up any new groups. 

Places in the Groups are sought after and in short supply. Please don’t forget to let the organiser know when you can no longer take part in the group. Also, if you cannot attend a meeting, try to let your organiser know in good time - it does make a difference! This is especially the case with lunch clubs as venues can be difficult with regard to numbers.

Members Outings: We had two very interesting visits last season and extend our thanks to Diana Goodwin and Beryl Beckett for their hard work and excellent organisation. All those attending the visits had a wonderful time and were very appreciative. We would welcome volunteers to organise outings this year.

Digital Projector: The Overton and District U3A owns a Digital Projector and screen which is available for use by all Groups as well as individual members. Please contact the Secretary, Maureen Tory, if interested.

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS DIRECTORY as there are some changes this year!


  Group   Meets   Details and Contacts  
  Advanced French   time and place to be decided  

Contact: Jacky Lessware   Tel:  773043   Email:

We are a very small group of 3 and would very much like others to join us for general conversation about books, newspaper articles or topics to be mutually decided.

  Art History   4th Thursday monthly at 10:00 am  

Contact: Tess Biggs Tel: 770723  Email:
or Pat Hutchings      Tel: 770402  Email:

This small but enthusiastic group is run on very informal lines. Each month an artist or a painting is considered. The session starts with a brief presentation which is followed by discussion. Individual members often suggest the topic for the following meeting. The group is currently full.

  Bridge   every Tuesday 2:00 – 4:00 pm  

Contact: Angela Cardiff    Tel: 770874    Email:

This is bridge for early learners who have a basic knowledge of the game and want to practise and improve.
  Canasta   2nd & 4th Thursday each month 10:00 am to Noon  

Contact: Liz Towell Tel: 770965   Email:

The group meets either in Oakley or Overton for an enjoyable morning of Canasta. We have space for 3 more players.


Cinema Outings

  As and when  

Contact: Pat Bain  Tel:771433   Email:  

Join others on occasional visits to the cinema to take advantage of the Silver Screen offer at the Odeon at the Basingstoke Leisure Park or the Second Chance screenings at the Discovery Centre in Basingstoke town centre.
  Computing   This is one to one training and not a group as such.  

Contact: Bob Gardner   Tel: 770416   Email:

Absolute beginners or intermediate users welcome. Individual training will be offered as required on subjects such as: using the Keyboard; emailing; Internet use; organising your digital photographs; printing; use of iPad/Tablet; etc.
  Crafts    1st Tuesday monthly from 9:30 am to 12 Noon  

Contact: Sue Carter   Tel: 770681   Email:

The group meets regularly to experience new crafts, exchange ideas and expand knowledge. Members occasionally visit craft shows and craft centres and attend outside courses. The group is currently full - but if interested please contact the Group Leader.

  Cribbage   1st & 3rd Tuesday monthly at 2:00 pm  

Contact:  Liz Towell   Tel: 770965   Email:

This group has a core of enthusiastic members. We meet to play for fun, and don’t intend to become too competitive. Space for 2 more players.
  Family History Group 1   3rd Tuesday monthly at 2.30 pm  

Contact: Rosemary Evangelisti  Tel: 773298   
or Margaret Palmer   Tel: 771369   Email:

Members meet together to discuss progress and ideas for pursuing research. Outings to places of interest for research or to exhibitions are also arranged from time to time.

  Family History Group 2   4th Friday monthly at 10am  

Contact:  Pat Williams   Tel: 770044   Email:

We have a theme for each meeting and share our ideas and expertise on the subject. We all help each other to solve the problems genealogy throws up. Room for new members.

  French Conversation   2nd & 4th Tuesday monthly at 10.30 am  

Contact: Sue Carter   Tel: 770681   Email:

This group is well supported, meeting regularly for topical conversation. New members and all abilities welcome.


4th Thursday of the month in the afternoon from March to October.


Contact: Susan Staunton   Tel: 780819   Email:

The Garden Group visits gardens in the surrounding area from March to September. The visits are arranged and agreed by the group members before the season begins. The Group is now full.

  Gallery/Exhibition Visits   Meets on an ad hoc basis

Contact: Jacky Lessware   Tel:  773043   Email:

  History   Last Wednesday monthly at 2.15 pm  

Contact: Liz Lewis   Tel: 770980   Email:

The group has an objective of filling gaps in our knowledge of British history but is aware that we must recognise the influence of Europe and the wider world. Topics in history will be led by members’ particular interests. We aim to make outside visits in the summer months.

  Inter-Knit Cafe   10:30 am on the 4th Wednesday monthly  

Contact: Pauline Wooster   Tel: 772083   Email: or the Groups Co-Ordinator.

Members meet to share their common interest in knitting and crochet, to enjoy a chat with friends and partake of coffee, tea and maybe even lunch. New members welcome.

  Italian One   2nd and 4th Monday monthly at 2:30 pm   Venue varies  

Contact: Jacky Lessware   Tel: 773043   Email:

This group is going very well. New members with some knowledge of the language are very welcome.

  Line Dancing   Fridays 10.30-12noon  

Contact: Adrianne Major  Tel:896982 Email:

This group meets in St. Mary’s Hall to enjoy dancing with instruction.

Cost: £2 a session.

  Lunch Clubs       These are groups of like-minded people who meet for lunch at various ‘localish’ eating houses (usually pubs) on a monthly basis - generally at 12:30 pm. Basically the lunch clubs “do what it says on the tin”!  
  Lunch Club –1   Meets monthly on various days by arrangement  

Contact: Bill Sait   Tel: 773080   Email:
or Tom Cook   Tel: 771419   Email:

This group is at capacity at the moment, so unable to take new members.

  Lunch Club – 2   3rd Tuesday monthly  

Contact: Jenny Hoare   Tel: 770489   Email:

This group is not at capacity at the moment, vacancies a new member
  Lunch Club – 3   1st Wednesday of the month  

Contact: Carolyn Troman   Tel: 772985   Email:
or Pat Bain   Tel: 771433   Email:

  Lunch Club – 4   Meets 4th Wednesday monthly except for August and November when there is no meeting at all.  

Contact: Paul Reavley   Tel: 772199   Email:

This group is very close to capacity at the moment so there is very limited ability to accept new members.
  Lunch Club –5   Meets monthly by arrangement  

Contact: Wendy Morgan   Tel: 01635 297538 Email:

This group is also at capacity at the moment, so unable to take new members.
  Mahjong   Mondays at 2.15pm  

Contact Adrianne Major Tel: 896982 Email:

The group meets to learn the game and play among like-minded people. Although the group is full on paper we rarely have a full contingent to play. We would like 2 or 3 reserves who would probably get to play most Mondays.

  Military History   10.00 First Friday of the Month  

Contact: Dudley Wall   Tel: 465752   Email:
or Paul Pilfold   Tel: 771837   Email:

This group meets to discuss a wide range of military subjects.
New members - we are dependent on space for our meetings and at present cannot take any more members. The number of members that attend fluctuates from 10-14.

  Miscellany   3rd Tuesday monthly at 2pm  

Contact: Sue Carter   Tel: 770681   Email:

The group meets to share poetry, prose, plays etc. on a chosen theme. The group is currently full – but if interested please contact the group leader.

  Ontology   1st Tuesday each month at 10:00 am  

Facilitator: Marianna Lutyens   Tel: 770124   Email:

This is a discussion group about “Being” - being in the world, in our lives, thoughts, ideas, imaginings, etc. the kind of reflections that we do not, in our busy lives, normally have time for. One or two new members welcome. There is one condition which needs to be accepted: nothing that is talked about within the group goes outside the group - EVER. Do not think of joining if that does not appeal to you!
  Opera   4th Tuesday of every month at 10:30 am in St. Mary’s Hall  

Contact: Diana Goodwin   Tel: 771855   Email:

Members meet together to listen to or view operas or parts of operas, and afterwards to discuss the performances. From time to time there will be visits to see live performances.

Please be sure to contact Diana as the group does not meet in December or if the meeting clashes with Easter etc.


alternate Thursdays at The Community Centre

Two sessions:
9.00am – Chair Group, 10.00am – Floor Group


Contact: Judy Humphreys Tel: 771428 Email:
Tutor: Becca Humphreys Tel: 07775 691131 Email:

Vacancies for new members.  Cost: £10 per session
Assessment will be made prior to starting.

  Play Reading   3rd Thursday monthly at 2:00 pm  

Contact: Sue Carter   Tel: 770681   Email:

There are currently 10 members of this group which is about the right size to give everyone a part each session. Reading is from sets of plays borrowed from the Library.

  Reading   1st Monday monthly at 2:30 pm  

Contact: Sue Sait   Tel: 773080   Email:

The aim of the reading group is to read and discuss literature which as individuals we might not choose for ourselves. The group is currently at capacity.

  Scrabble   2nd & 4thTuesdays monthly at 2:00 pm  

Contact: Liz Towell   Tel: 770965   Email:

Scrabble is going very well and is presently at capacity.

  Scrapbooking Group 1   2nd Tuesday monthly from 9:00 am to 12:00 Noon  

Contact: Kathy Gardner   Tel: 770416   Email:

Members work on their own projects but exchange ideas and share skills. There are opportunities to visit craft shops and attend Craft Fairs. There is currently no capacity for new members.
  Scrapbooking Group 2   2nd Monday of each month at 9.45  

Contact: Pat Williams   Tel: 770044   Email: 

Small group meets to work on our own projects and share ideas and equipment. Could take a new member or two.

  Singles Holiday Group  

3rd Wednesday monthly (after the main meeting)

at 12:00 Noon at the “White Hart” in Overton

Contact: June Ellingham   Tel: 771026   Email:
or Christine Robb  Tel: 771183   Email:

The aim of the group is to facilitate and support like-minded people to share a holiday experience as a group or an individual. (We are not undertaking the booking of the holidays). There is a waiting list for the group.
  Spanish Conversation   Meets every Thursday at 4:45pm  

Contact: Charles Cardiff    Tel: 770874    Email:

This group is for those with some knowledge of Spanish, i.e. not beginners and would very much welcome new members.
  Theatre   Meets by arrangement subject to specific performances  

Contact: Maureen Tory   Tel: 771953   Email:

The Theatre Group arranges monthly (sometimes more) outings to a variety of ‘localish’ theatres, usually a mid-week matinee performance, and offers a variety of production types - old and new, straight plays, comedies, musicals, dance, farce, whodunits - hopefully something for everyone over the year. If you think you might be interested, ask to be put on the mailing list and see what's coming up next!
  Walking   1st Thursday Monthly  

Contact: Chris Tyler   Tel: 770026   Email:

The walking group meets monthly and aims to walk about 5 to 6 miles, taking about 2 to 2.5 hours. Walks are usually circular, starting in the vicinity of a pub where there is the option for lunch at the end of the walk. We aim to find walks a short drive or bus trip from Overton thus providing different scenery to that on the ‘Walking for Health’ routes. We have seen some wonderful scenery around the area which cannot be appreciated from a car.  We often select routes just beyond walking distance of Overton. New members are always welcome.