programme of events


    2018 – Monthly meetings all at 10.00am      
  19th September An Extraordinary Life  

Charles Cardiff

  17th October The Silver Thread   Elizabeth Gowing  
   21st November Behind You and Backstage Antics   Tony Harris  
  19th December All Things British   Susan Howe  
    2019 – Monthly meetings all at 10.00am  


   16th January New England in the Fall   Paul Whittle  
   20th February Plight of the Bumble Bee   Dr. Nikki Gammans  
   20th March You the Jury   Peter Thompson  
   17th April Cardinal Richelieu   Brian Freedland  
   15th May Churches Conservation Trust – Hampshire Churches   Dr Francis Hurd  
   19th June AGM - Ming Dynasty & Admiral Zheng He   Roger Shaw  

Extra-Curricular – all on Mondays at 2.00pm

  5th November A Family Tribute to a Fallen Soldier   Geoff Davies  
  4th February Britain on Film: Coast and Sea     Supplied by the Independent Cinema Office  

29th April

Partnership West Africa   Sandy Craig  

N.B. A Summer Outing replaces the July meeting and some groups continue to meet during August,
whilst others choose alternative ‘holiday’ breaks. Please check with your Group Leader.